About Katie


Katie Simons McCarty grew up in Massachusetts. She attended the College of the Holy Cross and earned her master’s degree from Mercy College through the New York City Teaching Fellows. She lived in Boston and New York City for fifteen years, working as an educator and in educational publishing. Katie moved to Denver for a change of pace and energy.

Katie comes from a family with the gift of the gab, full of comedians and storytellers. Inspired by her family and their creative endeavors, she started a humorous health and fitness blog in 2011. When her first son, Tim was born in 2015 with a rare birth defect called an omphalocele, she spent two months in NICU. After this life-changing event, Katie shifted her writing and focus to helping other NICU families.

Katie has been a guest-blogger on several mom blogs and she was a guest on the podcast, Mighty Littles, which focuses on parenting in the NICU. Katie also worked for Toby’s Shower for Babies, which donates gift baskets for NICU families. She was the keynote speaker for their 2016 gala.

The birth of PJ in 2018 completed their little family. Life brought Katie and her two boys to back to Massachusetts in 2019 and they are happy to be near family. They love superheroes, hockey, and cheering for the Boston Bruins.